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The Diary Saga

20 years of my life I have spent here. I am finding it difficult to say goodbye to this amazing place where I matured into this bewildering women. Going through the ‘Box of memories’ I tumbled upon my 8th grade diary. It took my to the world of insanity. As if it was talking to me.

Diary: Hey you! Do you remember me? What happened to you?
Me: Yes I do. How could I forget you D. You’ve been a savior to me all my school life.
Diary: Well at least you remember. Why did you stop writing? You threw me away after your graduation.
Me: Oh about that I actually had many things to accomplish after my education. I am sorry I couldn’t keep it up.
Diary: Wasn’t writing one of your goals. I precisely remember you wanted to write a book. And not just one but many, under your name.
Me: That was something I always thought I wanted to do. But I kept running away from it.
Diary: You used to write every minute detail of your life in me. Like a stupid fight with your boyfriend or the messy life you wanted to escape.
Me: Yes! I know how childish those talks were.
Diary: Childish? Those were the real talks that you had with me. We used to be such best friends. I knew everything about you. And now? I am just a book with some blank pages, torn apart. Waiting for you to write something to me.
Me: Yes, you’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t have let go the passion that I had. I miss expressing my feelings into words. Words that keep a count on me. I promise to become that person again. And yes, one day people will read you. My diary.

Penned by: Maheshwari Ghodekar
Insta ID : maheshwari_ghodekar

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